Brazil Trip 2010

In June/July of 2010 my wife Jenny and I travelled to Brazil with the intention of experiencing as much of the amazing species diversity as was possible in a two week trip. mata-atlanticaAfter flying into Rio de Janeiro we met Pete Carroll from Scotland and spent our first week in the Atlantic Rainforest staying at REGUA, the inspirational conservation project enthusiastically championed by owner Nicholas Locke. The amazing bird life is made even better by the experience of staying at REGUA – the lodge staff, the food, the accommodations, the scale of the project and it’s success so far made this an incredible introduction to Brazil. Most memorable were the personal experiences with the lodge staff – Nicholas was a warm and kind host whose passion for this project can only be described as inspirational. Special mention for our guide Adilei who can not be described in mere superlatives – what a birder, and what a guide! Take the opportunity to read our trip report, and even better take the opportunity to visit REGUA – you will not be disappointed.


After a memorable week we flew to Cuiaba to meet the last member of our group Bryce Harrison who had just flown in from New Jersey, and our guide Bradley Davis for a week in the Pantanal and Chapada dos Guimaraes. The Pantanal had always been in the top ten places I wanted to visit, and this trip would only confirm why this place was considered to be special. Bradley also proved to be an exceptional guide and pulled out all the stops to make sure that we would see as much as was humanly possible in a week, leaving us with tired bodies but great memories of not only birds but fantastic experiences that we wouldn’t forget very soon. Please read our trip report, and make sure you visit the websites for both REGUA and Bradley Davis. If you are planning on visiting Brazil, do yourself a favor and speak to these guys first you won’t regret it!

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Download the trip report here and the detailed taxonomic bird list here

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  1. Tim Zajic says:

    Thanks for sharing your report. Super write up and great photos.

  2. Tim Zajic says:


    I went back to look at your trip list for your Brazil trip and it seems the trip and trip list links do not work correctly as before. Could you either restore these links or e-mail me the .pdf of the report and the list?

    Thank you!

    Tim Zajic

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